Skywalker OG De-Mystified


Skywalker OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid that’s guaranteed to please Star Wars fans across the galaxy, as well as any other indica fans.

It is a powerful cross between Skywalker and OG Kush, this strain’s collective compounds replace anxiety and discomfort with enlightenment and a sense of purpose. Palatable and intoxicating, the strain’s overall flavor profile leans hard toward the Indica side.
Instilling a sense of introspective relaxation, Skywalker OG’s spicy terpenes and powerful cannabinoids provide the perfect platform for contemplative thought. It relieves everyday aches and anxieties are seemingly transported to a distant and long-forgotten galaxy.


This variation is primarily based on the individual grower’s skill set, chosen nutrients (organic versus nonorganic) and how the cultivator dries their product. That said, the included online test results indicate the analyzed flower had a total THC content of 22.69% with .10% CBD.

Skywalker OG looks like a hero to me. While the strain’s overall appearance can vary from cultivator to cultivator, the flower, when grown and cured with care.

Seemingly potent enough to fuel the millennium falcon by smell alone, the Skywalker OG aroma has a jet fueled nose that includes an intriguing mix of spicy herbal scents.

Common among the OG strains, Skywalker OG delivers a heady and full body smoke. When exhaling, Skywalker’s flavor remains on the skunky side of the flavor spectrum. A tasty OG, the pine flavor can linger on the tongue for hours.

Providing a spaced-out mindset of the highest order, Skywalker OG allows the consumer to relax effortlessly. Skywalker OG works wonders for individuals plagued with daily anxiety.

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