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Hybrid Strains

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Lots of customers, weed lovers don’t know where to buy their favorite strains and the online shops where they could order discreetly from. At Weed and Seed Shop, we have lots of strong and potent strains which you could order from. Hybrid results from crossbreeding a Sativa with an Indica. Today, hybrids are bred with other hybrids. The resulting effect has been some extremely strong man-made marijuana species. Products like the 51.2% THC Kurupts Moonrock are outcomes of crossbreeding sativa and indica plants.

For one to be able to grow a Hybrid, make sure you have a room where both plants can freely pollinate; with an adequately ventilated system that will facilitate helps the transfer of pollen dust from the male into the pistils of the female plant. After pollination, the female plant now focuses on producing seeds rather than producing its normal bud. The F1 and F2 theory of plant botany would make it easier to understand this concept.

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Our weed and seeds sales are online from our online weed shop as we discreetly ship to all 50 states in the US. Generally, our seeds produced from the pollination of parent plants would eventually produce the hybrid seeds. These seeds are subsequently kept and need to be set up for future use. When you crossbreed your F1 seeds you would get the F2 generation, which would contain practically different qualities. Each seed is going to be uniquely different from the other according to the rule of genetics. Each and every seed that is under F2 carries different characteristics from their grandparents. In case you are not interested in this new characteristics that pop up, it is advised to keep the F1 generation in order to keep it pure as possible.

Buy Hybrid Strains Online

Weed and Seed Shop is second to none if you want to get hybrid strains and seeds like: Agent Orange,  Bubblegum, Girls Scout cookies, Gorrila Glue #4, NYC Diesel, LSD, White Widow, Pineapple Express etc.

–  Selected top indica and sativa strained combined into super strains by experienced breeders

–  Maintains the best aspects of both strains

–  Hybrids can be sativa or indica dominant and have the effects to match.